We break goals

The blind making hammocks?Deaf people running a restaurant?

What we do


* Hammock Workshop

Created in 2007, the workshop has employed 38 people with disabilities and/or risk of social exclusion. We reached a level of specialization and quality of final product that has made the project a benchmark for hammocks around the world.We have shipped products to more than 30 countries.One of our greatest achievements was getting a blind worker to make a hammock for Pope Francis.


* Café de las Sonrisas

Inaugurated in 2012, it is the first restaurant in America managed entirely by deaf people.It is the winner of the Excelencias Gourmet 2017 award for the best socially responsible company in the world. The restaurant has currently expanded with a branch in the capital city of Managua and has been an example of  integration, entrepreneurial success which has attracted worldwide media attention.


* Macramé Workshop

Project started in 2017. Managed by and for women, this project aims to create economic independence in situations of risk. It has been empowering its members so as to avoid suffering from any form of dependency.


* Sign Language Classes

In order to bring sign language closer to the general population, our sign language classes are completely free and help to create empathy towards the deaf community. Sign language classes have been a project that was born with the Café de las Sonrisas and have been taught by specialized educators.


* Plastic Bench

We started the campaign “The Endless Hammock” whereby visitors at our center can contribute to the weaving of a hammock which currently measures 20m x 5m. This hammock is made of plastic bags that we gather through various street-related activities, for example: we make meals in exchange for plastic bags that people have collected on the street.


* Disabled Employment Bank

Create a job database so that the disabled can find employment with socially responsible private sector companies. Currently in Nicaragua, there is no project which would enable the integration of people at risk of social exclusion into the labour market.

That's why we do it

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Rodolfo and Irma and the Café de las sonrisas

Heroes of the deaf community, Rodolfo and Irma are the founders of Café de las Sonrisas.

Human relations as a flag

The man who solves everything, Danilo makes a town out of a city.

The future of the Social Centre

Hector, who once didn’t what to have anything to do with the world, now wants to change it.

Don’t stop getting up

Jorge in his fall 49 became a friend of the ground.

Weaving with the heart

Jimmy, he saw everything with his hands and showed that integration is for real

Don’t forget to want

René demonstrated that there are no barriers between worlds.


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