Children and Women

Children and Women are the weakest population groups among the poorest, so our social attention programs are focused on them; with different education, health and social projects.

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Among the most needy groups of population, children and women are always the weakest part. We are aware of that situation, and our politic of help and intervention are primarily devoted to this two collectives.


Most of the work we have done in Education and Health in this two years has been devoted to children. And it´s going to be the same in the future. Not only because children are the most defenceless group, they also represent the future. And our project want to be a project with future, so dedicate our efforts to children.


Our social attention programs are focused on children and youth

  A child smile is the "second best" award we can get. The first one ? Their improved life

Work done

  •  Scholarship Program
  •  Emergency Medical Attention to various kids (financing tests, treatments and medicines)
  •  Continuous medical attention (as explained here)

Children Projects

In the next future we want to extend the social attention to children, improving and extending our number of scholarship students; financing medical attention in emergency cases, and focusing our material donations ( second-hand shoes, baby milk, medicines ) to children.

We´ll try, as well – if funds are possible – to have a psychological attention program to treat very serious problems like sexual abuses or familiar maltreatment.


The same as Children, women is the other main character of our social attention; because she is the responsible of children and familiar care and responsibility. We have tried - and we try – to raise her self-esteem and confidence; since the situation of women in Nicaragua is still so serious.

Our future projects include to improve and extend her attention.


At Tio Antonio we have always considered that Sport has a series of associated values – sporting spirit, team work, self-improving desire, sacrifice…which are necessary to boost among children and youth. As well as the benefits it has for health and physical condition.


Unfortunately, the conditions to make sport in Granada are very poor and difficult, since there are no public sporting installations where boys and girls can practice. They are forced to use public spaces like Granada Cathedral Square or Merced Church Square, places very dangerous since they´re no prepared to practicing sports.

Work Done

  •  Funding of Central Park League, where 14 teams play, which has the name of our Social Centre, Tio Antonio Football League.
  •  Help to Corpus Christi League, where 256 players play.
  •  Donation of two football goals and two balls for school championships.

Sport Project

Sport Project

  •  Creation of a mental-handicapped team.
  •  Trying to get donations of sport material: clothing, balls, for more kids.
  •  Trying to organize a kind of Paralympic Games in Nicaragua, in 2009. ( talking to Granada hotels to cede 1 or 2 rooms for the accommodation, talking with Sports Teachers in Granada to organize competitions, simple awards to all the participants to make the kids the “stars” for two days…)


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